My little incredible Hulk

by Jehrson "Joe" Ortonio

“My little incredible Hulk”
by Joe Ortonio

One evening, while wondering on the shadow of restful moon.
Creating fantasies jumping on sky colored with golden treasures and rainbow hues. With no briefing and absence of warning, an ear-piercing came that broke silence of heaven.

OMG! Like a bulb start burning on the ground of the sleeping cold night, looking to see the reason of its immediate distressed.
There I go and saw a little one from the corner of my eye, changing its color becoming fire on sight.

Oh, how can I not move even my spine dug on comfortable piece, calling out my name with unacquainted yell.
Here I come, here I come the respond of my soul.
Like a prodigal father rushing towards his prodigal son.

The moment I reached this tiny creature, I took wrapped in my arms with gentle whisper.
“It’s me now my little one” draw back your tears and unrelenting strength, for it does not need now my little incredible hulk.

Oh, how loving this little hulk quick turned into heavenly grace.
By touching her soul from the depth of its core, changing the mood of atmosphere into a peaceful breeze.

Inviting the synergy of all four elements of the sea.
Maybe at this time you understand the marvel that brought of this little one, just gazing at her you will find the very reason why I am blessed in all kind.

This picture reminds me of the ONE great author of all time, no less than the FATHER whom I called to be his co-creator of this beautiful promise of tomorrow come.

JCO 16.01.15 Poem#8

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Jehrson "Joe" Ortonio is a Filipino writer who fell in love in beauty and mystery of writting. He uses his passion in writing to conquer the world by communicating God's Love. He is a husband of Joycha and and a father of a beautiful girl by the name of Alexa.

Last updated February 04, 2016