Of Seas and Seashells

Land crawled into the bosom of salted waters?

Humbled, might venerating marine,

Eternal treatise of love.

Mountains plunged into gushing rivers?

Sleepy, wanting to be lulled,

Perennial music of the white hats.

Evening breeze flew into welcoming bay?

Singing, Souls into Seagulls,

Gliding Souvenirs of feted landscapes.

Sky bowed down into the abyssal?

Arching, Painting archetypal illusions,

Priceless auction of alluring sundown.

Shells take shelter into the blue molten cave?

Resting, dreaming castles in water,

Latent hub of little monuments

Of these that I rejoice in,

Of seas and shells.

Sharvari GC

Sharvari GC writes for the pleasure of expression., Letting her ideas take the form of a poem, she tries to express her view of this magical world., Some of her best poems published here.

Last updated April 05, 2016