"Times New Roman","serif"">Silken…

"Times New Roman","serif"">Like those scented nights,

"Times New Roman","serif"">When my body,

"Times New Roman","serif"">Your lingering fragrance,

"Times New Roman","serif"">Fused as marvellous one;

"Times New Roman","serif"">All sensations,

"Times New Roman","serif"">Brain processes,

"Times New Roman","serif"">Reflexive movements,

"Times New Roman","serif"">Ceased,

"Times New Roman","serif"">Then, to be transformed

"Times New Roman","serif"">Instantly into a solid,

"Times New Roman","serif""> Single unit,

"Times New Roman","serif"">That

"Times New Roman","serif"">Became a thought-less one,

"Times New Roman","serif"">Under the short, perfumed

"Times New Roman","serif""> Star-lit

"Times New Roman","serif"">Presided over by a wandering

"Times New Roman","serif"">Waxing/Waning moon,

"Times New Roman","serif"">Restless and pining,

"Times New Roman","serif"">Like somebody in remembrance mode,

"Times New Roman","serif"">And in mortal pain,

"Times New Roman","serif"">And,

"Times New Roman","serif"">When icy cold winds from Arctic,

"Times New Roman","serif"">Failed to freeze the warmth of

"Times New Roman","serif""> This ad-hoc

"Times New Roman","serif"">Of one  body
and soul;

"Times New Roman","serif"">This strange solid fusion

"Times New Roman","serif"">When earthly dualism gets abolished,

"Times New Roman","serif"">And ethereal love reigns supreme,

"Times New Roman","serif"">Before being corrupted by later cynicism

"Times New Roman","serif"">Caused by cash-nexus:

"Times New Roman","serif"">In Detroit,

"Times New Roman","serif"">Delhi

"Times New Roman","serif"">Istanbul,

"Times New Roman","serif"">Or,

"Times New Roman","serif"">Hamburg;

"Times New Roman","serif"">But it was to occur later,

"Times New Roman","serif"">The scented silvery nights,

"Times New Roman","serif"">And a milky soothing moon,

"Times New Roman","serif"">Peeping in from an open window,

"Times New Roman","serif"">Like a curious child, woken up,

"Times New Roman","serif"">At mid-night;

"Times New Roman","serif"">Lovers as one,

"Times New Roman","serif"">The time it was,

"Times New Roman","serif"">Love ruled every revolving atom,

"Times New Roman","serif"">When two hearts beat strong and

"Times New Roman","serif"">In perfect unison,

"Times New Roman","serif"">But---

"Times New Roman","serif"">Were heard singing a sweet single note,

"Times New Roman","serif"">Beating loudly,

"Times New Roman","serif"">Raw passion foaming,

"Times New Roman","serif"">Burning red hot inside,

"Times New Roman","serif"">The moans heard clearly---

"Times New Roman","serif"">Across the silent nightly dales

"Times New Roman","serif"">And hills of all the

"Times New Roman","serif"">Known/ unknown

"Times New Roman","serif"">Continents

"Times New Roman","serif"">And choppy oceans.

Sunil Sharma

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Freelance journalist, academic, writer and poet, Sunil is from India and published poems, fiction and a novel. He is also literary editor, reviewer, interviewer and critic. He is a bilingual writer who deals with current Indian realities and a globalised world and its impact on his country.

Last updated June 24, 2015