Ever lasting glance

In moments of grief,
where my heart scatter
with throbbing fear
burning like wild fire
where I am born without fate
on bosom of the earth
constantly drowning in sea of wrath
It is only your ever lasting glance
on my passion ground
which makes me remind
surreptitious first stolen kiss
i feel my soul trembling
with the tender touch of the veiled beloved
the fleeting effect wins my heart
I often think in profundity
I am alone but eternal
with your ever lasting Glance
ever lasting glance...

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A well known poet globally in Hindi, English, urdu language . Published Internationally in various magazines, newspaper, electronic media, Television., ON BBC RADIO: A well known name for Ghazal and Poetry recitation in program “AAP KI PASAND” on BBC, radio and "Salam-e-Mehfil" on ZSALAM TV Channel., Four books have been published related to quality management systems and poetry in English, Hindi and in urdu also., Blog Links, -----------------, “My Blogs and Websites”, http://mairebhavnayen.blogspot.com/, http://kyakhun.blogspot.in/, http://bikhreyseafsaney.blogspot.com/, http://loveneverloves.blogspot.com/, http://www.voicesnet.org/allpoemsoneauthor.aspx?memberid=1208420010 (for English POETRY)

Last updated June 21, 2015