Sami, Ras and Gore

A deep grey cat and one brown mouse;

Indian streets are filled with cows.

I don’t know why I sing this song,

Don’t think too much; just come along.


I tell a tale of early day,

When hatred was unmoulded clay,

When faithlessness was out of reach,

Politeness moved in every speech.


In such a society lived two men,

Both returned from lion’s den.

One was Sami, the other was Ras,

Mighty and genius; undefeatable thus.


There was one more, his name was Gore.

By his tongue, he could break any door.

In his heart, a cynic took birth

Polluting all; the heaven and earth.


Gore was the advisor to the Great King

But greed has its own voice to sing

He wanted the kingdom all for himself,

Honesty dusted on the righteous shelf.


Sami and Ras were the King’s soldiers; his strong shoulders,

In Gore’s path, they were the only boulders.

To rule the land he had to sin,

To throw contempt in brother’s bin.


He caused amongst them a great fight,

Made them detest each other’s sight,

Each got busy planning other’s end,

He made use of this swift bend.


Gore killed the king when he was lone

And placed himself on his throne

And Sami and Ras were slayed by fraud

Gore ruled long as the only lord.


But he ruled in dread, tears he shed;

Walked in fear like a living dead.

For in his palace two evil spirits housed;

A deep grey cat and one brown mouse.

Asim Rafiq Mulla

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Brought up in Karwar, a small town in Karnataka, India, Asim Mulla is the new coming of age poet who takes you a step closer to base human emotions.

Last updated October 28, 2015