Settling of Scores

Friend or Foe
Whatever you are
Your offence I hold
Ally or Adversary
No matter what you are
Your offence I hold

Just a few days ago
You were a tree precious in my sight
In my heart you stood like a giant flower
We both blossoming together, until yesterday
My eggs you broke
My charms you destroyed
My gazettes you burnt
My eyes you plucked out
My tooth you broke
My possessions you destroyed
My houses you burnt
The fruits of my tree you plucked out.

From that moment
The anger in my eyes melted ice
And retribution I sought for day and night
I planted an elephant plantation
Of eternal discord
And it grew day and night. Again just
like before the fruits of this tree
You plucked out and dead you were.

Things have now changed
Times have turned tides
As I watch from my hell abode
From my home of torment
I peeped into the world
And a great war I beheld:
Your seed and mine
Cursing our graves
For the great feud we formed
That has left the whole world
Drawing inerasable battle lines

What good is revenge
When it leaves us all at loggerheads?
What good is retaliation
When it leaves us all dead?
What good is the law of an eye for an eye
When it leaves the world blind?
What good is law of a tooth for a tooth
When all that remains of our mouths
are pinkish-white tongues and burnt lips?

Peace always stays at the door
we should try flinging that door open

Adebanjo Olamide Olamilekan

Adebanjo Olamide Olamilekan's picture

I am a young and promising boy who sees poetry as his first calling.

Last updated November 28, 2015