The Empire of Golden Thorns

Above rivers that glow
in the glittering setting sun
lies a beautiful landscape –
a land below the great horizon.
A land of less opportunities
but filled with strong willed people
A land of roaring lions and running preys
A land of thumping elephants and struggling ants
The base of rich respect and wealthy culture
A land of singing birds and drumming goats

This land of honey and sugarcanes
becomes a fallow valley of blood and bones
conquered by colossal and mighty men.
Home away from Home –
Bondage away from freedom.
Will the moon that blackens our blood
ever allow this?

In this new government
we have to stuff pockets
with our full wages to pass through;
to fill our grumbling bellies
and that of our fragile daughters.
In the midst of this great tyranny,
has the oracle forgotten to tell us that
We are spears that find our way in gross darkness
Our compasses have searched the world’s corners –
There is no escape from this despotism

Will these conquerors ask us to grovel at their feet,
will groveling at their feet change our language,
will a new language change our dreams,
will a new dream change our visions,
will new visions dry up the glowing rivers
that irrigates our fields,
will dried up glowing rivers sink the moon
that blackens our blood?

The moon that blackens our blood
will never allow that

Adebanjo Olamide Olamilekan's picture

I am a young and promising boy who sees poetry as his first calling.

Last updated November 24, 2015