Some Haiku

in the middle of the field
a woman with child

the grand-daughter's cry for mom
out on shopping

on the lamp post
two pigeons talk about
loneliness in my son's house

after the snow
buried in silence
mastoid mountains

a dew drop
on the edge of the leaf
the wind shakes

head lifted up
the wayside brook--
a traveller

on the wall
unmoving fan in the class
sweating talk

in disguises
more confident and sexy--
a bully

she smiles
sex in the eyes:
Eve Enseler

a poem
in your beauty
light of love

shifted years load
away to the new building--
choking scholarship

in her red saree
she tiptoes

Her first kiss
beautiful like sin:
clitoral clinch

hurt of the past
longer nights


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I have been practicing poetry for over three decades now and have published seventeen collections in English, including three bilingual collections. Till recently Professor at IIT-ISM, Dhanbad, my poems have been widely published, anthologised and translated into over 25 languages., My blogs:,

Last updated September 12, 2015