dusky backyard
crowded parrots’ shrieks
autumn onset

with weight of dews
tendrils of pea plants nutate:
breezy silence

reechy morning
driving on express way
old empty dreams

crowded streets
moving the years
wretched faces

with dim lamp
no new heaven or earth:
hiemal quietude

wiping his face
under the umbrella
an old man with books

a quick brush
with snake in the fence:
plucking flowers

painting the glow
in the green of forest
unseen fingers

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I have been practicing poetry for over three decades now and have published seventeen collections in English, including three bilingual collections. Till recently Professor at IIT-ISM, Dhanbad, my poems have been widely published, anthologised and translated into over 25 languages., My blogs: https://profrksingh.wordpress.com, http://rksinghpoet.blogspot.in

Last updated April 30, 2015