Sonnet LIV.

Tommaso Campanella

_Come vuoi, ch' a buon porto._
How wilt Thou I should gain a harbour fair,
If after proof among my friends I find
That some are faithless, some devoid of mind,
Some short of sense, though stout to do and dare?
If some, though wise and loyal, like the hare
Hide in a hole, or fly in terror blind,
While nerve with wisdom and with faith combined
Through malice and through penury despair?
Reason, Thy honour, and my weal eschewed
That false ally who said he came from Thee,
With promise vain of power and liberty.
I trust:--I'll do. Change Thou the bad to good!--
But ere I raise me to that altitude,
Needs must I merge in Thee as Thou in me.

Last updated January 14, 2019