by Kendrick Smithyman

Kendrick Smithyman
Kendrick Smithyman

Southerly, mercantile, fathered
by unlikely giants, bawling fit horrors
at any addled Dutchman scouting
sanguine empire,
this coast stipulated
bones, ground them in shoals, teeming Golden
Bay below snow's light likeness of purity.
Spoke weathers, by which insisting
whatever tomorrow's nature may be
yesterday's goes disowned.
Cross that elegant show, bright in its allegiance.
Keel inches meadows of a reductive brine,
a bone in your ship's teeth. You ride kestrel
of course, how other? sensible of passing.
Astern, land deliciously whispers dahin!
Knowest thou that land?

Last updated January 14, 2019