Every person sheds,
Tears from their eyes,
Whenever he is happy or sad,
To hide them, he tries.

Life is so strange,
There’s no time to rest,
You are occupied each moment,
And you try to give your best.

There’s so much of pain,
That is written in our destiny,
We never know when,
We will get ‘clean-bowled’ by the Almighty.

Whenever it rains,
We try to enjoy it,
There is water everywhere,
Our eyes get moist while we stare.

There’s one similarity,
Between the rains and tears,
That both of them are shed when time comes,
Some people brave it, and some fear.

The mixture of these two,
Helps us ‘hide’ our emotions,
Nobody will see your tears in the rain,
These droplets will wash away all your pain.

Never succumb to them,
As they’re too weak,
To help you stand on your feet,
Once fallen from your eyes to your cheeks.

There’s no one to wipe them,
No one to destroy them forever,
The happy moments will remain,
But the sad ones will continue to hover.

Mumbai, India

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I love writing poetries and articles. I have made writing as a passion. I want to become a journalist in future. Some of my articles have got published in the Inbox section of Hindustan Times. I am looking forward to publishing my poetries and articles.

Last updated September 28, 2015