The Colors of Me

It's a long road
Much to be seen
I never spoke of
What's inside of me
My spirit sings
But they never looked to see
All of the colors of me
In their perspective
There's the girl with the cold stare
But it was never suspected
That there was any smile there
When my lips curve upward
The cloud move, revealing the sapphire blue sea
Just one of the colors of me
Hey, look
There she is
With the same troubled pose
My mind is scattered and my hair grows grey and old
I cry blue tears into the worried seas
Not all of the colors of me
She blushes pink
Even darker when mortified
It stains her cheeks with red ink
But the truth wasn't derived
It's a shame that they will never see
All of the colors of me
Black eyes scare them away
Grey irises leak and purposely convey
The girl with brown eyes
And green fingernails of decay
She's like a putrid perfume
So they stay away
It takes one soul
To lift the curtain
Behind the show
Their view is now uncertain
It takes one person to be blinding by that same sunshine yellow sheen
To believe
In all the colors of me
And if it they held
Her eyes become two chocolates
That tangle and melt
Into skin that blushes a lovely scarlet
Like velvet when felt
Evergreen creases behind the broken shell
Because the negative appearance
Crashed and fell
Hey, look
Who is that
I cannot believe
She is smiling like that
And gold radiates in seams
Their jaws drop to the floor
Now they've finally seen
All of the colors of me

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I use my creativity as a weapon to express myself.

Last updated August 31, 2016