The Eternal Life...

Once a soul passed away
From the man who died,
It reached its place;
Where it found the quote
Where many did refuse to vote!
In the doors of Heaven,
The lines scribbled as follows:
“Welcome to eternal life
Those who possessed warmth
And emptiness with pure spirit!”
The soul read it
Made its step towards the doors;
Yet enter not it could,
The angels cut short,
Allowed not the soul to get in!
The frustrated soul questioned them, why?
The angels replied
That it still possessed many-a-sin!
The soul made its exit,
As the answer was fed!
It started praying for forgiveness
And the next day again
The soul moved towards Heaven’s doors
Appealed the angels to let in,
But the knowing angels allowed not
And said to the soul,
“Your sins were not forgiven!”
The disappointed soul questioned, why?
Angels replied and questioned back:
“You have not forgiven
The tons of sins by your others
Why should you be forgiven?”
The soul understood
Took a step back
It yet again started praying;
Asking for forgiveness
As it forgave others,
And felt the burden reduce
With every passing second!
Few days later
It made its journey
With hope of entering
Into the eternal world!
But its hope turned quickly into hopelessness
As the angels sent it off back again;
Conveyed the message to soul
You were a big tyrant!
The soul asked them,
“What did you see in me?”
Angels revealed the tyrant.
An evil called ‘Selfish’.
They said to the soul,
“As long as you possess it
The doors of Heaven
Will never be opened for you!”
The soul went back with hopeless.
Yet again the soul prayed
And as the thoughts came flowing
Of its possessions
And understood the value of unselfishness!
Now the soul felt emptiness
With the glittering beauty of the lord!
It ran towards the doors of Heaven
Knelt down before it
And the soul proclaimed:
“Take my spirit which is only for you
Now I possess nothingness
That occupies the space of emptiness!
I can witness the eternal!”
The doors of Heaven opened
As the angels showered the soul
With the petals of roses
As they sang
To the glory of the lord!

India 30/06/2017

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I am Arul Santhosh.D from Thanjavur, Tamilnadu, India. I was born on 8th July, 1985. I did my schooling at St. Antony's hr sec school in Thanjavur. I did my under graduation B.A English Literature., at St. Joseph's College, Tiruchirappalli. I am very much inspired by some of the renowned poets like kahlil gibran, william wordsworth and few more writers. Through them i get interest and start writing poems.

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