The Joy Within

Walked into my balcony, sipping my evening coffee,
Wished I was a child again that could binge on toffees;
Years fly by, making it less viable for your fav cuppa coffee at an odd hour.
And as I leaned, looking at the pale blue sky,
Seemed as if life was turning less jublious and more anxious
Making me wonder why;
A sudden flock of birds fluttered flitted and greeted me reminding me of the abundance of joy within,
Reminiscing and cherishing all the beautiful moments, there I stood,
Seeing my new-found inner peace and glee break-in;
Feeling grateful, the all-new self smiled at the beauty of nature- the beauty of the creation- the beauty of mind!

Chethana Rao

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Dreamer, Ruminator, Wanderlust, Jocular, Wannabe blogger, Amateur photographer, Peace-lover, Nature-lover, Foodie and much more...

Last updated October 27, 2016