Somewhere in the Cloud

With each cloud passing by, did you ever wonder what if...

What if we found a new life in clouds,
What if each cloud had a journey, told a story of it's own:
What if a cloud took birth as a vapor and thrived on to become an all-learned, all-encompassing,
Flourished-cloud that hath traversed all across the territories - all-enduring, all-loving;
Then on a fine day went on to become all-giving
Yielded, ended it's life as droplets of rain,
Showering it's beauty and blessings on the vapid little us- The creatures, The terrestrials, The aquatics.

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Dreamer, Ruminator, Wanderlust, Jocular, Wannabe blogger, Amateur photographer, Peace-lover, Nature-lover, Foodie and much more...

Last updated October 24, 2016