The Monster

The Beast has come to my neighbourhood again!
The evenings are the most dreadful of times,
A thick smog leaves the tiny village every evening,
It spreads across our shacks like a dirty blanket;
Then each and every one of us comes under His spell!

Some startle, shake and tremble in fear,
Then they start fires in big tins,
Soot, shooting from amber burning coal covers their faces.
They sit around the fire and start to tell ancient tales,
They are all terrified of being found alone.

Not a soul has laid eyes on the Beast!
Those who have, rumour has it, have not been seen again!
It first gives them a mark;
A jelly-like liquid flows from their nostrils: slimy green substance!
Then their throats burn like coal fire; completely under the Dragon’s control.

Some complain of headaches and malaise,
Some have sleepless nights; apnoea has them by the throat.
Ailments are given different names, some get better and some worse;
Those who recover are the lucky ones!
Most are down with Flu, we are told.

Born and bred in a tiny village under the mountain Nonesi., A number of villages are deep in the basin formed by the surrounding beautiful mountain range., Where these mountains meet is a beautiful dam, I like to call it a lake, the Xonxa dam!, This is deep in rural East Cape, South Africa.

Last updated June 08, 2016