The Penitence

In a numb asteroid I smoldered the flame of consciousness
The ascending smoke proliferated and blew in form of wind,
tremored the oceans and invoked tides.

In the core of thick darkness I fostered the radiance of aspiration
It let the sun to shine and moon to illuminate.

When the overwhelmed silence was stirred and I sang the first song
Birds learned to chirp and fountains to burble.
Life and death got up from their eternal deep sleep.

I grinned and the sacred verses of life reverberated in all beings.
To play a game I created earthen mannequins
and I hid the reflection of my manifestation inside those.

It is always my favorite sport played with the tools, Creation and Destruction
Many times I have created a reflection of my world and destroyed it.

It is I who have created the black smith who fans coal in the fire and produces a weapon for his purpose,
It is I who have created the ravager to wreak havoc.

I find mannequins engaged in crusade, in jihad to interrupt the everlasting peace I establish
I find the earthly mannequins claiming to protect me from prospects
How embarrassing!!

When pains tremor the pen, a poet bleeds ink.

Last updated February 13, 2016