The Stake of my Heart

And there I was... Like a wounded soldier
travelling through time!
Sustaining this possibilities of world.
Waiting for my demise,
these Horrible Demons of Time...
Scavenging on my body...

Nothing left but hope !
Hope to live, Hope that my future
would be better.
burning like a small Bougie !

They ate my Beautitude.
left me Demented.....
paralysed as an effigy for the
rest of my life.
Still they don't see me, Never they ask me....
"Do you even wish to ?"

I feel myself as one of "The Blues"
entangled with the repulsive works
Neither my Jehovah listens to me...
as I pray for my freedom !

I clamor to him.....
Don't I have Discretion ?
Don't I have my own Liberty ?

Does anyone listens ?
Can I rake off my STAKE with anyone ?
And still no answer come out...
Nobody Justifies my queries...
And I remain silent as I am !
The Monster then thus eats me....

And after my Cessation.
I regret at myself.... Why I let this.
Why I wasn't mature enough to choose.
As Why I did let it

Injamul Hudha

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I was born on 3 January 1997. Completed my schooling at Atomic Energy Central School (a CBSE based school) from this I hope to achieve My Skills in English. Now I am a struggling Engg. Student. Born to an Muslim Family. But have full faith in the creator. My works literally depicts the incidents or my experiences in life..... Cast as other things ! I did like to write or read mostly of Nature or Love.

Last updated December 29, 2015