The War That Was

The war years no longer seen.
Their cries of pain no longer heard,
Verdant fields no longer red
Tho still stained scarred by those who've been.

Soldiers’ shadows---silent echoes now.
Trumpets of victory silenced in Raven's caw,
Victory vanishing in wasted lives
Whispered marches seen in young men's eyes.

Seen in seas of land and glen that holds
Hordes of bones and hearts of slaughtered souls
Drowned in black soil's decay and war's devour,
Sacrifice seen in stars, shining their valour,

Reaping our saviour.

Raj Napal

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He was born in Port-Louis, Mauritius. His family emigrated to Britain in the late 60s. He practiced law in England for a number of years before moving to Ontario, Canada in the mid 90s. He loves writing poetry some of which he shares with his 2 teenage children and other people. He currently practices law in Ontario. He is really keen to use words in such a way in predominantly free verse form to create an emotional impact on his audience.

Last updated October 05, 2015