I’m trying to forget someone in my mind
Unfortunately, it’s two beings I find.
The first says “Hi”, the latter opposes “No.”
So it’s me, myself, know not where to go.
I really hate having a crush on somebody.
I am being crushed too much so deeply.
I am hoping that the other will notice me.
And it’s making sad because I've got no beauty.

The Philippines

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Hello, there! My real name is Judel. You can call me Jae as well. I am from the Philippines. So basically, I am a Filipino. I was fifteen when I had my first poem and it was a disaster. Since then, time taught me that a pen and a paper could also be a best friend. So if you cannot say what you feel, I beg you to write it. Let your heart out and become a muse to someone else's work of art. You don't need to impress. You just need to express. ^_^

Last updated November 02, 2016