Through Eyes of Nancy

When the sun unfolds the blinds,
And it ceases to be night
The first beam of light,
As the Philosophers' Stone:
Touches dust turning it a golden sight.

The earliest birds of human kind,
Are the ones who run to study,
And the ones who run behind,
Just to make them ready.

The lunch is packed and
Hair is fixed
Bags are filled and
Uniforms are fit.
They all look alike,
Now ready to leave house.
And ready to follow the rules.
Hoping to make a mark.

But wait! What do we see?
His eyes opened early,
But he doesn't have to get ready,
Legs lead him to basement.
For he doesn't need a degree.

Thomas doesn't wear a uniform.
He is different you see,
The world has to be lightened up,
And failure just gave him hope,
For he doesn't care if he fails
Even the ten thousandth time,
As they are the ways,
That he knew the world won't light.

Flashbacks haunt,
"Addled child" was he called,
Back at that school.
She accepted it a challenge.
She withdrew him out.
He was now to be homeschooled.
And prove that no one decides
Except his own conscience,
What he is able to be about.

Hope glittered in his mother's eyes
"I will not spare this spark"
The little kid promised himself.
And that was the day when he began to ask.
The unanswered questions of the past.

He started to fail,
The only thing he was good at.
But failure just motivated him,
And he finally got success.

"The most significant scientist of the millennium",
Was what he is known.
For he wished the light in her eyes,
To appear everywhere anyone's eye could watch.

He did make his mother proud,
More than anybody ever has.
Just imagine he studied in school,
What would have we faced?
The world would still be lingering in darkness.
An insult is where the story begun.

Let us tribute this to Nancy,
Who dared to look,
Where the eyes of the tutors didn't see.
For she believed in him.
And it made him the man,
Anyone could have ever been.

And let us tribute this to Thomas,
Who didn't study in any school.
But every school has a subject,
That has 'He' to study.
As the man who turned his imagination.
Into a groundbreaking reality.

Yash Raja

Yash Raja's picture

The love of humans, and their hypocrisy- Is everything that is highlighted by me., 20 is my age and I have just began writing poetry., As a start I have started with free verse... soon I will come along with other types too.

Last updated May 12, 2017