Unrequited Love

It's hard to fall in love with the wrong person.
no matter how much you want to change the situation,
you cannot do anything but accept the fact
that he could not ever love you back.

Unrequited love is painful
you can't be consider as a fool
but you can't simply forget your feelings
no matter how much you want it to happen.

You can't ask for someone to love you,
because it's something you give freely,
it's just so happens that he doesn't love you
there's no one to blame, you just liked him accidentally.

It's a bit frustrating to see him loving someone
but you can't force someone to love you.
all you can do is wait for that right person,
who could love you more, that special someone. who can love you.


Jheigh Sunga's picture

Hi, my name is Jheigh and I love writing poems so much and the theme of my poems are mostly about love and life. I want to share my poems for those people who could not express themselves well. I put my feelings into writing because that is all I can do. I hope those people who would read my poems could also find their inspiration to write poems as well.

Last updated December 01, 2016