Phoenix Blood

by Nikita Gill

Nikita Gill

There are only two things
I am sure of in this world:
the first is, one day, this life
will come to its final
destination in death
The second: people will try to obliterate you,
and believe me, even the ones that once
promised you forever will betray you,
it never fails to happen
when love turns dark.
Do yourself a favour when this happens;
reclaim yourself from them.
I know you have been taught
to slice out your own heart,
hand it over again and again
to selfish hands, because it is all you
have known since you were a child.
You are an open wound
looking for someone to cure you.
And when they see that,
they will scratch at it,
steal your voice, thinking
your magic will go with it,
hoping your core swallows itself up.
This is where you remember
the lava of the volcano you come from,
your ancestors were made from fire
and it runs like hum that sings
through your own vein-rivers of blood.
You are not an open wound,
they just want you to think you are.
They have done this to every woman
before you, yet women were made to endure;
they become the earth,
they adapt like water,
they turn into diamonds to survive as who they are.
This is how we become magic,
we walk through fire and become more holy.
They try to break us,
we do not accept defeat.
They try to devastate us,
we still discover how to be happy.
They banish us to the depths of hell,
we just absorb and master the heat.

Last updated August 12, 2022