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Nikita Gill is a British-Indian poet. She has written 7 volumes of poetry. She has been described as one of the most successful Instapoets, and one of the most exciting young writers working today. Gill's work was first published when she was 12 years old. Her work was rejected 137 times for publication. Gill has published Your Soul Is A River (2016), Wild Embers: Poems of rebellion, fire and beauty (2017), Fierce Fairytales: & Other Stories to Stir Your Soul (2018), Great Goddesses: Life lessons from myths and monsters (2019), Your Heart Is The Sea (2019), The Girl and the Goddess (2020) and Where Hope Comes From: Poems of Resilience, Healing, and Light (2021). Her work offers reflections on love, and feminist re-tellings of fairy tales and Greek myths. She has been inspired by the works of Sylvia Plath, Maya Angelou and Robert Frost. She is also an ambassador for National Poetry Day.

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Some days I am more wolf than woman, and I am still learning how to stop apologizing for my wild.

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