Why the Leaves Change Colour

by Nikita Gill

Nikita GillAutumn

The first girl who was ever born with amber skin was Mother Nature’s own child.
Her birth was from a seed Mother Nature planted in the darkest, purest, most
fertile soil, and soon there was a flower, and the flower opened up to show the
most beautiful little girl imaginable.
One day when the little girl was playing, the Sky, who was her brother, jealous of
how lovely she was and how happy and distracted their mother had been since she
was born, stole her and placed her upon a star so far away from the earth, Mother
Nature could not get to her.
In her grief, Mother Nature took every leaf that existed on Earth and turned them
The baby girl raised herself on this star—after all, she was her mother’s child,
fortitude became her. She became majestic, and independent, and knew how to
cope with anything alone because she had always only known alone. When the girl
was finally old enough to explore the universe by itself, she travelled across the
stars, finding beauty in thousands of planets, but none where she really felt at
home. Until, that is, she came upon a beautiful blue planet with amber leaves.
Walking through golden leaves, she remembered who she was, and who her
mother was, for this is the magic of the bond children have with their mothers.
They will remember them even if they are millions of miles away; why do you
think good mothers can say things like ‘I love you all the way around the universe’
and you just know they mean it and know not to question it?
When Mother Nature felt in her bones that her child had returned, she took her into
her arms and turned all the leaves to green again. But because the leaves of amber
gold were how her girl found her again, it happens every single year in
commemoration. We call it a season. We named it after Mother Nature’s only
daughter. We called it Autumn.

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Last updated August 12, 2022