Virginity Questioned in the Rain

Let the rain come again
Drown tomorrow
With this this line
Between your name
And the forest fire
Of our bossoms

I read about your heat
Coming down from the present
Into our histories
Amputated from our names
And buried
In the sky for God
To see

Wait - when it rains
The rains fingering their lover
The cold earth and its bleeding
The virginity in question
That the African hymen watch

It is the sky and the earth
And the rain poking the earth
That questions intact

Gankhanani Moffat Moyo's picture

Apart from being a poet, Gankhanani Moyo is a writer, actor, dancer, literary critic, and singer - generally an all-round artist. He has performed in Zambia, within the Southern African region and in Europe. He is the author of Songs from My Soul (2008) and Orgasm (2011). Flames in Black Meditation is set for release next year., Gankhanani teaches literature at the University of Zambia.

Last updated July 14, 2015