Never Again

Never again will we walk in the dark
Brothers with clinched fists staring down each other
Shedding their own blood for shinny stones

Never again shall we loot and burn
In search of honour for kings
Who are left to rule the ruins
And become lords of corpses, orphans and widows

Never again will we fill our baskets
With fruits and tubers
To be left at the door steps of brutish thieves
While our children dies of hunger and disease

Never again we say, never again we shout
To run along the streets and cheer
Never again
With a new hope and strength
Brought forth by a new day
A bright and beautiful day
That promises life

Yet by noon we gather our arms once again
Spilling our blood and sweat
As our bright day turns sour

Once again we search for truth
And chase away our lords and kings

Once again our children starve and cry for meat
As we hunt our neighbours
And slaughter friends

Once again our homes burn
And our trust is crushed
Minds are bruised and left with scars
Of blind hate and pain

Then once again we say never again
Never again when the fires are quenched
And our dead are numbered
Once again we shake hands
With foes and cry never again
As midnight comes
And an uncertain day beckons
Once again

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Last updated July 14, 2015