We Die From Day One...!

We die from day one

Are we alive? ....

Can I do what I want

I often ask a question to my soul

Life is very hard to carry

We live for others

Do we spare some time for ourselves

What's the use of this life

Which bears curse, load and frustration,

failure and deprivation…

Every day of life goes on thinking…

Right or wrong, to be or not to be

I am frustrated that how long

I have to be a hypocrate

I dont find anyone near or far

giving me a hand to facilitate and comfort

all stop me, put a chain around

Not only put a chain rather…

kill me mentally and physically…

I 'm really frustrated

Living a Pseudo life….

being in chains,

checks and boundaries

why to bear and toil this much

If to die every moment

If to dilute again into elements


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A well known poet globally in Hindi, English, urdu language . Published Internationally in various magazines, newspaper, electronic media, Television., ON BBC RADIO: A well known name for Ghazal and Poetry recitation in program “AAP KI PASAND” on BBC, radio and "Salam-e-Mehfil" on ZSALAM TV Channel., Four books have been published related to quality management systems and poetry in English, Hindi and in urdu also., Blog Links, -----------------, “My Blogs and Websites”, http://mairebhavnayen.blogspot.com/, http://kyakhun.blogspot.in/, http://bikhreyseafsaney.blogspot.com/, http://loveneverloves.blogspot.com/, http://www.voicesnet.org/allpoemsoneauthor.aspx?memberid=1208420010 (for English POETRY)

Last updated June 26, 2015