Where Was The Crime Born?

As I walked on the wayside
Few children encircled me;
Begging bucks to satiate their appetite,
As they are eaten so often by it!
From that moment on
Uncertainty ruled my thought-
I saw equality knocked into the corners
As the dominations sank
Into the ocean called society, crank!
Ignorance ruled the souls.

After stepping forward
For a few yards more;
I noticed a home for the old,
There at the top, it was scribbled-
“Here is a zoo of humans!
Often visited by animals,
Who had been fed by them! ”
Love suffers for feeding its nipper.

As the question of uncertainty
Provoked deeper into my mind,
I carried on with my journey, whence
My foot touched a corpse,
Murdered by someone;
Even a single heart could care not,
As the man dead was
Unlucky even after his death, alas!!
The soul lost its cost.

I walked with fear in my eyes
And pity filled my soul
For the man had died, helpless!
I heard the noise of a crowd
Cussing with the dirtiest of words!
I turned aside in perplexity,
Saw the jam-packed people
Had lost their bucks in vast!
Some had fainted;
Few were stunned;
Many showed anger-
And destroyed the buildings;
Lighting a fire
On the culprit’s statue;
Seeking for justice!
But the soulless man cheered
His glass with its gangs,
Enjoying the pain of the innocent!
As the cost of the soul was slain!

Breathing the blasphemy of people
I fastened my walk forward,
Few miles had I crossed, whence
I saw many-a-fools
Warmed-up on their chairs in idle
As the mentally disordered
Occupied the stage
Organising a caste meeting,
For which, a security force guarded!
The law serves the idlers. Oh pity!!

My foot landed for rest
As the thoughts dwelled on the quest;
A pain, which my soul bore
Was like a ton of sins more,
Loaded with a profound weight
For which I could get the answer not!
Was it the crime of a human being?
Or was it the crime of the society?
Or that of the laws executed in the nation?

India 30/06/2017

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I am Arul Santhosh.D from Thanjavur, Tamilnadu, India. I was born on 8th July, 1985. I did my schooling at St. Antony's hr sec school in Thanjavur. I did my under graduation B.A English Literature., at St. Joseph's College, Tiruchirappalli. I am very much inspired by some of the renowned poets like kahlil gibran, william wordsworth and few more writers. Through them i get interest and start writing poems.

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