The One Dollar Notes

by Graham Rowlands

Graham Rowlands

They're all David Malangi's green brown notes.
They're all David Malangis--- those blacks
entombing all those one dollars in a
timecapsule for the impossible Dreamtime---
a cave a long way by horse or camel
or even by light plane, from Plato---
a cave full of one dollar notes. No.
Not for hand-outs of cheap port or
come a change in the exchange rate, kero.
A vast welfare agency is taking off &
taking them out of circulation & proving
the conspiracy theory of history, once again.
Kangaroos, goannas, snakes paper the walls of
the cave---stick figures like aerial photos of
planes around Ayer's Rock, all Giacomettis.
They slipped from cave walls like transfers
onto teatowels, tablecloths, paper---only
to return to their origin, boomerangs.

A long with the photographic plates at the mint>
& the last teatowels, tablecloths & serviettes
sewn into a once-in-a-Dreamtime parachute
dropped into the cave's mouth

very late or very early in some park, tomorrow,
the last dew-covered David Malangi speared by
some lucky/unlucky white explorer just out of
his port, kero or metho dreamtime

will cost the earth.

Last updated October 26, 2018