Bob Hawke Replies

by Graham Rowlands

Graham Rowlands

If you think I'm deliberately misrepresenting
the findings of the Arbitration Commissioner
after the number of times I've already referred
(This hasn't been Hawke speaking but the Commissioner)
to the Full Bench's statements on this & all
other matters concerning industrial disputation
(& in all humility I think I can say I'm
as well versed in the findings of the Commission
as anyone not on the Commission) just for the sake of
currying favour with what you call the Right wing
(It used to be the Left, the alleged Left
but I'll refrain from insulting the intelligence of
the viewers by going into that particular fabrication)
(Can't you hear properly? I said "fabrication".
I'll thank you not to put words into my mouth)
If you think I'm deliberately misrepresenting
the latest findings of Commissioner Mandala
(Yes, of course I'm using them selectively;
it took Commissioner Mandala a full two hours
to hand down what I might be permitted to call
his perceptive, pertinent & very perspicacious findings)
if you think there's any deliberate deception
or disloyalty to the leader of the Opposition
(I've known Bill, now, for at least twenty years)
if you think there's been any attempt on my part
(if you'll stop interrupting, I'll answer the question)
to misconstrue or misrepresent the Commissioner or mislead
on this issue or any other issue of industrial disputation

then, you must be wanking yourself.

Last updated September 18, 2022