Rosslyn To The Prime Minister

by Graham Rowlands

Graham Rowlands

Whatever I do now
I'll have your consensus
against me--- quite right to say
you snow in the tropics only at the
highest altitude of your own risk
if you want an alternative Australia.
But you & your consensus don't
do you, sport? Sports? Father?
It's only your economy, after all---
refining, processing, high-tech.
We're very alike, aren't we?
Drunk or Prime Minister.
I envy you the choice

I don't have. If I laid bare
a city room over a city arcade
to a bare mattress on bare floorboards
spoon & matches & leather & high-tech
& four bare walls lighting up
the rainforest like dawn
through my veins
I wouldn't need to take
the rainforest into the rainforest.
I'd be ideologically purer
than the pure white in my flour
detergent & bicarb of soda.
There'd be no holes in my logic.
No interviews. No tears.

Last updated July 24, 2019