On The Menu

by Graham Rowlands

Graham Rowlands

I'll eat anything. I mean it.
But don't say you won't
have lunch with me.
I won't drink the soup.
I'll even try your wine
in case someone's trying
to poison you--- or us.

Still, I warn you I've
eaten an evolution of white bait
oysters, prawns in their shells
baby octopuses, squid, shark.
I'd eat whale steak. (Harpoon, please.)
I've done in a buffalo.
I'm only sorry I'm too late
for dinosaur, tyrannosaurus.
I've had quail, pigeon, pheasant.
I've downed eel, frogs' legs.
I adore bringing snails
out of their shells.
I'd try snake--- goanna
if snake's off the menu.
Chocolate ants--- no worries.

Eat or be eaten. Be eaten or eat.
Not to say dog eat dog. If you
want to eat me before I eat you
make sure you can use your tongue.

Last updated January 12, 2019