Words and lines

I want some romance in my daily life
With shade of flowers’ blossoming in spring
Some poems with a voice sharp as knife
Or paper letters making heart to sing.

This wish came suddenly. I had control no more,
I had to flow it out like a stream
Of words, and images, and feelings out of law
My real life dictates - it’s not a dream.

But still, I’m in control. It sounds tough
Although results in lilac petals’ touch,
In kiss in cheek, small cake and one true love,
And cup of coffee - strong, but not too much.

My method of control is words and lines,
They change the world like sparkle change the eyes.

Anna Sandler's picture

I am Anna. I was born in Russia and live in the world. I believe in happiness and dreaming, and also in Cinderella's motto - the one about being kind and having courage. My poems are my heart's voice and Will's tears. Guess so., Welcome!

Last updated February 08, 2017