Emerald like antidote longing for my land's rotten wound I evoked,like a fairy soccerer,
Like lion, they roared,dangling their silver shackle,unlocking steel gate of dark choking brick room,
Alas! Silent grave,mouth will shut forever,towards head pointed a gloomy,rusty pipe that gagg hot stone,to send me to doom,
For,disasterous menace,they said my mouth strate,and it's causing epilepsy to many throne and swiss treasurer.

But,comes my lack of amusing wrinkle face now,closes all the convict door and window,
Even the mechanical pregnant stick,towards me cease to trigger off aloud,
Because green and white,still coloured my cloud,
But,escape I have to,leaving no footstep shadow.

Because my elegy to the sulphuric atmosphere,bash like kindergarten rhyme in their drum,
And my effort to turn on personage's mind lock,appear like a pee,if disturb,penis will send it away,
And I can't bet leaving in the realm,where legs stepped on monetary brimstone,to patch their leaking way,
Am escaping,escaping to another sphere........but pities my fellowers,because they will turn to scrum.

Student, Department of English Caritas University, Eungu, Nigeria., From Abia state., Hobbies: writing, acting, singing, drawing.

Last updated July 14, 2015