The Search

Man wants to unravel,

The mysteries earth has
hidden beneath,

And so makes his way through,

A very complex labyrinth.


He first does his work on

And then proceeds his way

He doesn’t relax his mind one

‘Cause he knows there’s lot
to to do.


He knows that the world

Is full of hidden treasure

And what he needs

Is wit beyond measure


He walks on ahead

Cutting hedge by hedge,

He makes his way

To the pot of knowledge


He now looks for wisdom

And prays to his deity,

He relies on  blessings alone

And not on serendipity


He works hard

Only toil and toil,

He perspires till drenched

But still to no avail


He starts from the scratch of

And works till the sun comes

He does not hover for a
moment even

Simply smiles and starts
working again…


Like the soft roses whose
scent is sweet,

Like the bright poppies whose
colors we see,

The world too is full of
beauties unknown

And so man continues his
search from dusk to dawn.



Sometimes on an exciting

Rejoices our exultant MAN,

And then puts the prize outa
his head

And takes control of his mind




Sometimes he fails

And feels in abundance
agony,misery and pain,

Beyond measure

But that too he takes in the

And keeps on looking for the
unearthly treasure………




He stumbles at a point

Only to look up at the the
sky once more

He wants to screen the earth

He wants  to explore


He smiles at the vibrant

Wonders at the the exuberant

Is awed at the exquisite plants

And exclaims that these are
none the least..


He praises thee,the one who
created him,

And goes on searching with a
strong whim,

He goes on skipping stone by

Accompanied by the sun or
walking alone…..

I am a student not a great and mighty POET really....but I write...and I love to write...........I also got an e-mail in another e-mail address of mine referring this site, so I decided to try my luck in it...most of the poems are pretty kiddish as I am a very amateur writer, just in 8th grade........

Last updated June 15, 2012