Lovers since Eternity

Preeth Nambiar

When the way stretched from morning still evenings, tired of my struggle to catch those dicey moments escaping from my fingertips, in the twilight evening of serenity when I smiled, there was silence - melancholic silence!

Holding the arms of the beloved listening to the songs of earthly love when slept, when the withering May-flowers woke me up from deepest slumber, amidst the wandering clouds when I searched, there was silence- mesmerising silence!

In front of the oil lamps when my chanting dissolved unto the shining idols; when the fragrance of instant sticks spread within the dull light within the four walls; within the breathlessness-there was silence- divine silence!

The crowd has dispersed and the sounds of cheers has flown with the distant winds; when I am here looking at the way you disappeared onto the path stretching through the emerald fields, there is silence- silence melancholic!

Within these wet eyes there are colours of majestic skies reflecting and I perceive silence of unknown echoing deep within the caves of longing! O beloved, shall I call you by name silence that I would cherish a lifetime?

Preeth Nambiar

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Educationist, Litterateur & Humanitarian, Preeth hails from the northern part of Indian state, Kerala in the south-west region of India on the Malabar Coast as the son of Mr. Kana Padmanabhan Nambiar and Mrs. Saraswati Nambiar., Born in an ancient aristocratic family that carried the rich culture of Kerala and Karnataka, where music, arts and literature were the very atmosphere, he started writing at a very early age. He has been working with various international organisations and has presented prestigious research works on Education, philosophy, arts and literature., He is renowned for the simplistic style of narration and meditative tunes in his literary works whereas his key ideas on education incorporating eastern and western philosophies, has won international acclamation. Preeth is presently residing in the Maldives working as an educator to the University of Cambridge, ESOL., Preeth Nambiar received the prestigious Dr. Yayati Madan G Gandhi International Poetry award in 2014 for his debut book 'The Voyage to Eternity'. He is presently an editor for the Poetry Society of India, Global Fraternity of Poets and Earth Vision Publications Delhi.

Last updated November 13, 2014