A reason for you

Elated is your face,
Placid is thou mind;
Perhaps in me - the reason you'll find.

When your heart trumpets with pride,
And the highest achiever is shy;
Perhaps in me - the reason may lie.

When your head is held high,
And the biggest malady at cure;
Perhaps in me - "humanity" is pure.

When your fictional dreams come true,
And all your fancies is the reality before you;
Perhaps the reason is all that I aspire to do.

When your expressions exhibit glory,
And your brow speaks that out;
Perhaps the reason is me - my toiling bout.

When you feel to love,
And you intend for life;
Perhaps the reason is me - I have appeased your strife.

A good broadening smile,
Filled with the joys of spring;
Perhaps the reason is me - the little I could bring.

When your eyes appreciate,
And your hands urge to bless;
Perhaps its me - I am the praise.

When I feel blessed with a divine touch,
A heavenly halo surrounding me -
Perhaps you "mom" is the reason of what I can be.

Pritha Halder

I am a student of class 12 in auxilium convent bandel, not a famous one yet I keep chasing my passion for poets.

Last updated February 24, 2015