I think I saw you today, across the road
Moving in a crowd breaking the soft pattern of people
Your side-burns seemed to have grown and
Your ruffled hair now helps you make an impression
I move a step forward to talk to you
With a sense of belonging sweeping my heart
But something held me back, reversing the moment
Considering your life, where I was never a part
We missed the times and the time missed us
So prudently we had grown
To adjust in this demanding fuss
You moved swiftly among the people
And found your way out
While I stood watching you getting lost again
Along with lingering memories to think about
Even if I would've approached you, what would I share?
A hiatus that lay between us
Beckoning this life unfair
My heart cries aloud your name
Wish you would've turned back and understood me
Then maybe I wouldn’t have lost you in this crowded world
Holding myself back, to decide what's unseen
But now I couldn’t hear you and you couldn’t hear me
A glass wall separating us and I wish I could break free
Today, a glimpse of yours stirred something within
Fallen and powerless - I’m forced to think
How different would be this strive?
If you would've still been a part of my life
I’ve waited for a long time now
And I feel like I own this space
Time moves ahead and this feeling I couldn’t stop
Frozen for a lifetime, like a mannequin in the shop!

Priyanka Tungana

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A poet who dreams to inspire and make a difference to the world and large. If my poem touches your heart or makes you smile or helps you relate, the purpose is served. I want my words to reach places where I couldn't be :)

Last updated July 03, 2015