O my faithful

This pen has grown so old now
It has lost its luster
While adorning those immortal words and songs
So that it reaches your heart
Where it perfectly fits
Touches your soul
Caress your senses
And hold your thoughts for a while
Because sometimes it becomes so difficult to evoke your attention
And you know that- there's a tiny prick, this heart feels on being unnoticed
My creations will reach you someday
And clinch your hearts and minds forever
I would know that my life has served its purpose
And that moment would be so worthwhile
When I’ll feel that I’m alive
O’ my faithful
You’ve served me for a long time now and served so beautifully
You’ve created histories and legends, a different universe of your own
And the truth yet remains that I am because of you!

Priyanka Tungana

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A poet who dreams to inspire and make a difference to the world and large. If my poem touches your heart or makes you smile or helps you relate, the purpose is served. I want my words to reach places where I couldn't be :)

Last updated July 03, 2015