How much she lives in me
with me or without me,she is full of life
An incomplete man caught in cold strife
but, she lives in me like a dream alive!

How thoughtless, careless I have been
spreading the naughtiness around
she whipped me tough, with her eye lash
without a whimper or a sound!

When the bouts of fever clouded me
I could see the blue veins thumping in her skin
a caress here and and a caress there
that's all....., she was my medicine.

My friends would come, and she would hug them all
perplexed I was, who was her son after all,
a food would roll inside in envy, so much,
but would soon absorb in her love salt.

A parathoa she stuffed in hurry,
how swiftly, old gazelle packed the school bag!
Muttering in whispers the mild angst within
She would adieu so often with her smiling nags!

A liar she was , I knew to core,
On mischief, she oft promised not to feed,
As usual, I vanished to the naughty grounds again
she would wait anxiously ,nourishing the uncouth indeed!

Her nerves of steel and her lotus eyes
the hushing voice crooning lullabies,
my endless banters of the night
slowly subsiding sinking in her dreams.

A picture of beauty, a maiden with smile
a teenage wrapped so much in her sagacious eyes
I could cry over the many stupid heartbreaks aloud
but she was the one- the love of my life!

The worldly ways and materialistic stench
when plagued my wandering soul,
it was just one touch of her hand on my head
and saved me from my sinister self- whole.

How deep! deeply devoted she was?
How deep she believed in those stars?
She was walking around the other day,
and today she dwells that much far?

A man, a mischief I am and so could be more,
unless her eternal eyes, put a deep control,
She is just not the picture on my dwelling's wall,
she is and will always be a Mother, after all!

Rahul Nachhiketa

Sachin Yadav

Pen Name: Rahul Nachhiketa

Last updated July 27, 2013