One Day You Will Miss Me..

My love is not supposed to miss you
Like the Tom misses the Jerry every time..
It's like a clock; we are in the same perimeter
But we can't stay close to each other.

One day you will miss me,
And it will be same as missing your shadow..
You will miss my talks,
And your ears will search for that..
Because, it can't hide the pain of missing me
Like you…

You will miss my messages,
And your inbox will cry for that
Like my inbox..
You will miss my care,
Like a 4 year old baby lost her parents

I am sure that, you will also cry for me
But my hands will not rise enough to hug you..
With one flower in my death stone is enough to
Forgive you..

Even my death is incomplete without you..

hi friends my name is Rahul (also i would like to introduce here as in the name "so close..". i love poems very much mostly love poems and i started my writing for my love..also i am a loser, i lost my love, my i am living with the hope that one day my love will come back to me..

Last updated October 03, 2015