sadness from the night

by Raj Arumugam

last night
as the clouds spread thin
breaking like long dry leaves
long in the open
there was a loneliness;
last night
as the street lights
cast their glow on the walls
and their fingertips touched my lips
there was a sadness;
last night as the cool wind blew
and the blinds whispered
to the stealthy lover
there was an agony in the heart
even though we lay beside each other;
and this morning
that bitterness lingers
like a bad aftertaste on the tongue
like a bad hangover in the head

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...been thinking in the language of poetry and scribbling verse from as early as I can recall of my days...FLASHBACK: born naked in India in 1955...was shipped to Singapore in 1961, well-packaged...sent myself over permanently to Australia in early 1998...FINIS: ...just can't get out of the poetry-mind...

Last updated September 01, 2011