No Chance To A New Life

Coffee stains on my table top
wilted roses an unwanted doll
whats happening here is a life of despair
give it a moment, it may all stop.

It MAY all stop but lets not be Daft
room after room is an empty trap
no doors of hope, no help to come
so i just stood there and laughed

A window on a grey wall
lets me look outside.
But its another room, another me
through a window on a grey wall,
looking inside.

I scream and i scream
till i explode in my boundaries
but im still here trapped in my mind
dreaming and dreaming to be free

No one wants to hear me scream
or hear my cries. So i try
try as i might..with every bit
dying inside.

Rashmi Sreekumar

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I think of myself as a creative person with varied interests.I am a Matchmover by profession and love to work in the field of Vfx and animation.Since childhood ive been interested in poetry.

Last updated January 03, 2018