Girl Child - An Alternate Reality

Burned to ashes...

Never to be held to the warm bosom.
As I watched, weak and helpless,
The comforting embrace of known arms
Enclosed in their hold, not for long.
Mud I smelt, wet, dust caused sniffles
Calloused hands unwrap the blanket
Shivering body laid to rest...
The billowing earth, burning lungs,
Choked cry stuck in the chest
Wriggled, twisted in agony,
The ochre colours blinding the vision,
Left to breath my last.
The heavens sadly smiled,
Warm burrowing hands desperate in their search
Burning tears of rage, echoing growls from deep within
My saviour stood fearful
Till my feeble cries of thanks he heard.
Grandfather never minded
Was his daughter's last thread left
You murdered me almost, father
Your own flesh and blood
Wouldn’t it have made a difference
had I been a born a boy??

Rekha Seshadri's picture

A dreamer by day....a poetess and writer by night. The discarded quill picked up as writing became my therapy.

Last updated September 29, 2011