Elusive Lover

From the shackles of boredom and entrap of loneliness
Emerged sketches of an elusive lover,
With chiseled features & curly tresses;
Ah! The perfect Greek god
Teasing the romantic in me to write;
With a feather dipped in 'Sea of Love'
Holding my trembling hand; as I begin to write just for HIM
In his enthralling eyes; I find my deep thoughts,
Doing a tango or two, as I look around for 'Someone'
Who could match my glossary & caliber?
To help me write a poetic fiction; or fable!
Wonder if I could borrow his eyebrows for a day
And use them as a brush; to paint the blank canvas of my LIFE
His thoughts romancing mine; reaches its pinnacle
In the form of words; when subtly expressed !
Oh, My perfect Greek god,
You evoke thoughts of Odysseus, Apollo & Hercules in me,
Like superfluous expressions, deficient without yours;
I find my parables unfinished despite effortless attempts
To write a line or two for YOU !

Renu Ayyar

Renu Ayyar's picture

Writing poems come natrually to me, very similar to breathing air. It helps bring out the best in me & keeps me connected with my inner self.

Last updated September 02, 2011