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In the cross-roads of life, sometime ago;
I met an 'Alien', too familiar for words to explain;
When life for me was directionless, restrained & disoriented;
He showed me how a little curve can glisten,
An otherwise uninspiring countenance!
How unspoken words can touch the inner cords of a plagued heart
While a little madness can make life nothing but amazingly amusing!
He helped me maneuver a life that was recklessly driven;
Without a steering and perhaps even a brake!
In the vein of composing, missing lyrics of an unfinished song;
With incredible effortlessness & resilience!
He continues to fill the void inside of me;
Despite the challenging latitudes & longitudes in Life!!!
A Martian who seems to have solutions at the drop of a hat!
Who terms 'Destiny' as divine intervention?
And urges me to share my innermost desires; brazenly!
Compelling me to feel anything but comfortable;
By shedding my inhibitions & going wild in his arms
Assuring me of 'LOVE' that is sublime & chaste for time 'Immortal'!!!

Renu Ayyar

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Writing poems come natrually to me, very similar to breathing air. It helps bring out the best in me & keeps me connected with my inner self.

Last updated September 02, 2011