Lovers in Cafe

A perfect morning, the sun shines aglow.
Reflecting on leaves kissing by dew.
Doves fills the scene outside...
Two lovers meet in a wondrous site.
Found the love they search too long.
Inside the cafe in a midst of Paris,
The place where lovers and friends belong.
Sitting and sipping a cup of cappuccino.
Eyes are talking while exchanging toast.
Hearts are beating fast,
A feeling they hope won't last.
The very moment for heart to reveal.
Devotion that never fades.
When talk is over,silence filled the air.
A fiance kneel down and look into her eyes.
A woman can't help the tears fall in her eyes.
She wears the promise of love on her finger.
Luxuriate in a glance of cafe that moring.

Ria De Torres

Ria De Torres's picture

I'm a typical woman from Asia. I love to sing, writes a poem, makes everyone smile and laugh. I do believe that life isn't that easy.It's like riding in a bullet train.I love the stars, the moon and skies, the brilliance it portrays at night.I used to speak with the trees, flowers and plants... I also love to look up when the moon blooms so bright!I'm a mother of four beautiful children and they're my inspiration to live.I love to create a poem when I'm happy and feel so down. This is how I describe myself, and I have no plan to change it.

Last updated November 26, 2014