What a fucked up week
Girl was lookin’ sleek
Too bad it was to cheat on me
She makes me weak
Puts me down she would call me meek

But the silly ass can’t define it.
Feels so fucked up puts me through shit
Would trade her ass for just one hit

Was addicted to her and I don’t know why
She really liked me cause I’m a nice guy
Scratch that, I’ll tell you why
Truth is: She thought I was a gullible guy

Maybe in another life
Well I wish I had a life
How can one girl create so much strife
If I learned anything from Ludacris in my life
Its that you cant turn a hoe into a housewife

Lies on lies
Fake ass cries oh did I mention Lies?
She would be better off
If it wasn’t for all the pills she buys

Tries on tries
Ending always with lies on lies
Fake ass cries she never passed on lines

When did honesty become such a rare commodity?
Silver, Gold, Honesty.
(not nessesarily in that order)
Use that shit to back the dollar.
Honesty among hoes would make it stronger than Euros.

So as I rant and rave
Bitch thought I was her slave
But friends for me, missing her wont be on the agenda
The bitch is fake sweet
So we’ll just call her Splenda


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Last updated January 21, 2012